Trade Policy

An open and fair international trading system is key for a well-functioning level playing field for Dutch contractors on foreign markets. Members of NABU can then continue to retain their market position in the high value segment of project design and management and areas of niche specialisation.
Dutch contractors are however sometimes facing obstacles and market access barriers for their businesses such as local content and local procurement requirements favouring local competitors. Moreover, a discriminatory national qualification system may place Dutch contractors at a disadvantage. Also aspects of Dutch trade policy may affect the level playing field for Dutch contractors such as CSR-requirements contrary to international practice. Lost business opportunities for Dutch contractors may be the result.
NABU strongly promotes open markets and a well-functioning level playing field for its members. Therefore, NABU actively engages in regular consultation with government and closely related institutions, both on a national and international level, as well as with other trade organisations and European partners EuDA (European Dredging Association) and EIC (European International Contractors), and provides advisory services on market access and related public procurement issues to its members.