Various international institutions, such as the World Bank Group, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the European Union, have rightly been focusing a large amount of attention on issues such as “Good Governance” and “Capacity Building” in developing countries. In this context, there are several international initiatives to reduce unethical business practices and to strengthen transparency throughout the supply chain.

NABU emphasizes awareness and prevention in addition to risk reduction. Concrete measures are, for instance, strict enforcement of Codes of Conduct, tightening compliance, staff training and screening of clients and suppliers. We recommend supply chain partners (clients, consultants, engineering firms, suppliers and subcontractors) to take similar measures. As we are particularly active in B-2-G markets, there is a specific responsibility for governments in their role as procurement authorities to secure transparency and accountability.

NABU strongly supports the Working Group Ethics of EIC (European International Contractors, of which NABU is a member) where relevant developments and initiatives are discussed. In 2009, EIC and FIEC (European Construction Industry Federation) signed a "Statement on Corruption Prevention in the Construction Industry". It contains recommendations for all parties in the value chain to reduce risk. The Codes of Conduct of construction companies should also be noted in this respect. Furthermore, the annual reports of NABU-members report on the basis of transparency and accountability.