Sustainable Development

A growing world population needs ever more space and housing, and means a constantly rising demand for energy. Increasing volumes of trade and traffic require more and better transport infrastructure. In addition, climate change is having a significant effect on coastal areas. These issues are key drivers of the construction industry. At the same time, the industry aims to contribute to matters associated with scarcity of natural resources and diminishing biodiversity.

Last decades, there is a growing awareness regarding sustainability issues. It is more important than ever that companies realize that they can only operate profitably if they are aware of the social context in which they operate. The valuation of stakeholders has a major impact on the ‘license to operate’ of industries. NABU is actively engaged with the social appreciation of its members’ international activities.

Members of NABU must comply with (international) laws and regulations. But sustainable development is for them more than a 'must': it appeals to their social responsibility, which goes hand in hand with exploiting business opportunities. NABU contributes actively to the development of acceptable norms for corporate social responsibility for use in the international construction market.