• A.Hakpark B.V.

    Steenoven 2-6

    4196 HG Tricht

    PO Box 151

    4190 CD Geldermalsen

    The Netherlands

    Telephone: +31 (0)345 579211

    Internet: http://www.ahak.nl

    E-mail: info@a-hak.nl


Company Profile A.Hak
Getting the job done

A.Hak’s core business revolves around the infrastructure required for energy, water and means of communication. Independent companies work from four complementary divisions from locations on all five continents.


The division Pipelines & Facilities focuses on the construction of large transport pipelines, including facilities such as compressor and pump stations. Pipelines for the transportation of oil, gas, water and other liquids are constructed out in the field and in industrial environments around the globe.

A.Hak Distribution & Networks provides the infrastructure that connects homes and companies to the grid, distributing gas, water, electricity, heating and communication.

The companies within the division Products & Services truly make A.Hak an all-round firm. They offer trenchless construction of pipelines and cables, coating of pipes for the offshore and onshore industries, groundwater drainage, and a full range of industrial services for tanks and pipelines. Finally, they produce masts, steel constructions, heat exchangers, pressure vessels and other products.


A.Hak Renewable Energy rises to the challenge of finding new and sustainable energy models. As an active participant in emerging solutions such as biomass, Power-to-Gas and Blue Energy, but also with tried and tested technology such as district heating and geothermal heating systems. 


Whether we work with a small team of experts or have our divisions join forces on a complex multidisciplinary project, we get the job done.