• NABU members are in their home markets engaged in every aspect of building, civil engineering, infrastructure and dredging. As full-service providers, they are focused not only on construction, but also on developing, designing and managing projects.
  • Common ground in the international activities of NABU members are the various aspects of civil engineering connected with the interface between land and water. From offshore foundations and submerged tunnels to design and construct of marine projects and water treatment plants.
  • Among its members are world leaders in maritime infrastructure and dredging services. From the construction and maintenance of ports and waterways, the realization of large land reclamation projects to a broadening market position in offshore services.
  • Position is built upon longstanding Dutch experience in the struggle with water. Worldwide renowned knowledge in the field of water, soil and the subsurface. A reputation for excellence in the field of hydraulic and geotechnical engineering, morphology and water management.
  • Frontrunners in Delta Technology: climate change, urbanisation and population growth pose great challenges, especially in delta areas (where 50% of the world population lives). Our members can deliver a wide range of solutions from flood protection to an integrated coastal zone management.