Boskalis is a leading global dredging contractor and marine services provider operating in the dredging and inland infra, and offshore energy sectors. Through subsidiary SMIT we are active in salvage. We deliver innovative one-stop solutions to major maritime challenges.

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Company profile

Boskalis is active in projects in the energy and ports markets. Our main clients include oil companies, port operators, governments, shipping companies, international project developers, insurance companies and mining companies.

Boskalis has over 11,000 employees, including our share in partner companies. We operate in some 90 countries across six continents. Our versatile fleet consists of over 500 vessels and (floating) equipment.

Demand for maritime services is driven by a number of global trends:

  • growing energy consumption
  • growth in global trade
  • growth in world population
  • climate change

For more than a century, Boskalis has engaged in a wide range of activities worldwide that contribute to our goal of achieving sustainable growth. From land reclamation to the transportation and installation of offshore wind farms, and from coastal protection to salvage operations. All these activities together allow us to make a significant contribution to a number of important themes: creating innovative infrastructure, protecting through climate adaptation and advancing the energy transition.


Royal Boskalis B.V.