What We do

Maritime Solutions for an Interconnected World

NABU – Netherlands Association of International Maritime Business – is an independent association that supports and represents the collective interests of its members, globally active contractors, services & technology providers and shipbuilders in the maritime sector. Leading businesses that build upon their longstanding roots and expertise in the Netherlands to develop maritime solutions for infrastructure, energy transition, climate and transport challenges worldwide.

With core activities in maritime infrastructure (ports, waterways), offshore energy infrastructure (offshore wind, tidal energy), cable installation, dredging, coastal defence & land reclamation, heavy lifting & transport, building sustainable ships & state-of-the art maritime technology, NABU’s members serve a wide range of industry sectors and provide innovative and sustainable solutions for:

  • Facilitating seaborne trade flows and socio-economic development in coastal & delta regions
  • Enabling the global transition towards renewable energy and meeting growing energy demand
  • Protecting land and communities against climate change and rising water levels
  • Developing the sustainable use of ocean resources and the seabed
  • Supporting decarbonizing maritime transport & greening ports
  • Securing lives, protecting environment and saving assets through global marine salvaging

Fulfilling a bridging role between government and the maritime industry, NABU’s mission is ultimately strengthening the position of its members by contributing to a level playing field for their international business. To this end, NABU focuses on establishing favorable conditions for the international activities of its members through active engagement with government and other relevant stakeholders, offering a forum for cooperation and exchange of expertise and representing its members in relevant European, international business organizations and multilateral institutions.